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What could happen if you felt wonderful for 30 days?

Become Magnetic. Master Your Alignment. Unleash Your Dreams.
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Manitoba, Canada

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Lead by Emily Saler - Dream Do-er, artist, entrepreneur, mom, and business owner.

Dreamers, what if we are not meant to follow a rulebook or formula to find true success & happiness?

What if we are simply meant to follow our hearts?

All my life I have been discovering and mastering what it takes to create the life of my dreams with ease and joy.

The solution is so incredibly simple (yet overlooked by most):

connect with who you truly are & do what feels good to you and the rest falls into alignment.

This looks different for everyone.

The key is to find what YOU love & protect THAT no matter what.

For 30 days, I'm going to lead a group of women business owners all dedicated to feeling wonderful and unleashing their dreamiest dreams.

Come join us!

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How it Works:

Fill out your information in the form below

Emily will reach out directly to complete payment & add you to the private Facebook Group

Feel wonderful & naturally attract your hearts biggest desires!

In this Exclusive Facebook Group You Will:


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Learn about energy alignment and how to naturally attract your biggest dreams in 30 days or less, simply by feeling wonderful. 


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Receive daily, channeled, inspiration and tools from Emily, tailored to your specific energy, to help you master your alignment on your personal journey.


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Gain the clarity and certainty required to follow your heart no matter what and discover the success you are destined for. 

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Register in 2 Steps:

Fill out the form here

Emily will reach out directly to collect payment via paypal and welcome you to the group!



Thanks for reaching out!

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